Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Top tips to keep sickness bugs at bay!

Having 3 children, and volunteering in a school, I deal with my fair share (and more!) of the dreaded sickness bug. Along the way I have managed to swerve catching it a few times even when the whole family are dropping like flies. Some people may think my ways are a bit extreme BUT if it stops me or someone else from catching it then so be it! This mama bear needs to be fit and healthy for her cubs!

  1. Quarantine! This is a big thing for me. If one of my family members start throwing up, the first thing I do is confine them to one room. (Usually their bedroom)
  2. Clean like mad! Each time said family member is sick put bleach down the loo, dis infect the toilet seat, flush handle and things like the light switch and door handle. Dont forget the sink and the taps.
  3. Wash your hands at every opportunity. Mostly these bugs get transferred from hand to mouth so wash with hot water and soap and then use anti bac gel afterwards.
  4. Do NOT share towels.
  5. As soon as symptoms subside wash all bedding on a hot wash.
  6. Dettol Spray! This is a must for me. Once I have cleaned everything, I spray the dettol disinfectant EVERYWHERE! Sofas, walls, bedframes the lot!
  7. Treatment - with a sickness bug the only thing I find that helps is not to eat and take SIPS of diarolyte. With children i syringe a few mls at a time every 10 mins or so. This is amazing stuff and really rehydrates the body. (I am not a doctor, please read all labels before using)

Sickness bugs are absolutely awful but unfortunately very common. Good hygiene is key but sometimes they are really powerful and with very young children its hard to confine it. I hope some of these tips have been useful to you.

Mrs H x

Week from hell.

This week has been ridiculous. So far, since last thursday, so thats 6 days ago, between them my children have battled conjunctivitus, tonsilitus, an ear infection and a sickness bug!! Honestly, you cannot make this stuff up. Each time i think, thank god thats coming to an end, something else hits! These poor kids need a break! So does this poor mama. Im praying to god I dont get ill as that would literally be the icing on the cake.

Cheer me up, give me some positivity. What fun things have you all been up to?

Mrs Hx

Friday, 5 May 2017

Birchbox Review April

This morning I received my first ever Birchbox through the post. It took a week to come from initial purchase so it was actually the April edition.
When the delivery lady handed the box over I was slightly surprised as I had expected it to be double the size, but hey what do I know, I am a Birchbox newbie!

From the postal packaging i thought it was a bit drab BUT when I opened it and realised it was a Boden edition I immeadiately changed my mind. I love Boden! Look how cute the box is!

I love the floral pattern and that fact that it is like a little drawer makes it feel that bit more special than just a box.

I was pleasantly surprised at the content as I was half expecting to get a load of products that I would never use, but actually it is all quite "neutral" in the fact that most people would use these kind of things. Handcream and conditioner for example. I did think though, that I would be receiving full size products and not minatures but I guess for 6 quid I cant grumble. (I was sent a money off voucher)
Here is a list of all the products that came inside the box.
There was also a £10 off Boden gift voucher inside which I cannot wait to use. Will no doubt be spent in the mini boden range!

Overall, I was pleasantly suprised with the products. I used the handcream and eyeliner straight away and will be using the conditioner and facial scrub this evening. (Its funny because I searched the whole of supeedrug for a facial scrub the other day amd couldnt find one!)
Im not sure yet if I will purchase the May edition Birchbox at full price but I do definiately feel a "subscription addiction" coming on!

Until the next one....

Mrs H x

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Back to School

So its back to school for my big kiddies, after the bank holiday weekend. Me and Jaxon have spent the morning walking through our local park and then had a cheeky stop off at Costa. Come on, he worked those little legs so much this morning it was worth a treat right??

On the way home we stopped at our local greengrocer and picked up all this yummy goodness.

Here's to a good week ahead!
Mrs H x

Monday, 1 May 2017

May Bank Holiday Weekend

I cannot believe it is the first of May already. We had a busy bank holiday weekend, full of family time. On Saturday I spent the morning cleaning (aren't I always?) and then went to my local pub which had a beer festival on and bouncy castle out for the kids.

That evening early on we went to what was my first ever "gender reveal" party, it was lovely and so cleverly done! We also went to a friends house for a takeaway and to watch the big boxing match.
Sunday bought the first fair of the year as we went to a local secondary schools Spring Fete. The kids had lots of fun on the games and stalls and I came back with a coat for Frank! (my dog, who hates the cold and rain)

On Bank Holiday Monday we took a trip to pets at home, and I bought 3 new fish for the kids fish tank. We were supposed to win some more from the fete the day before but it seems they have stopped that stall now, which is a shame as they have had that stall there since I was a child. Anyway the kids spoke to the worker at pets at home, who was very informative, and he told us what fish could and couldn't live together. We ended up with 2 goldfish, one yellow, one speckled and a weather loach, which looks like a cross between a catfish and an eel.

Rest of the day was spent playing minecraft, monopoly and making fairy gardens. It was lovely.

I hope you all had a fab long weekend!

Mrs H x

20 Facts about me Tag

I was tagged by Beth from a blonde and a baby to do the 20 facts about me tag, so here goes!

  1. I am 29 years old.
  2. I am 5 ft 6 and a half!
  3. I have size 7 feet. (i know!)
  4. I am a mother of 3.
  5. I support Chelsea.
  6. I am secretly a good singer but I get very stage fright.
  7. I am half Irish.
  8. I have a ridiculously sweet tooth.
  9. I went back to college last year to study teaching.
  10. I'm petrified of clowns.
  11. I sleep walk and talk.
  12. I believe in guardian angels.
  13. I used to be petrified of dogs until I got my own!
  14. Its a dream of mine to be able to take my children to different countries as they grow up.
  15. I am addicted to Tea and chocolate.
  16. I am a disney fanatic.
  17. I panic about every little thing. (i'm trying to stop this!)
  18. I take photo's everyday!
  19. I wear glasses to read and watch tv.
  20. I love Eastenders.

I tag Rachel at www.coffeecakekids.com and Anna at squatssassandsaggyskin.co.uk 
Look forward to reading your 20 facts ladies.

Mrs Hx

Thursday, 27 April 2017

No evidence of Mummy.

How is it that as parents we have hundreds of photographs of our children and hardly any that include us mums? I take photographs daily,on my phone, so you can imagine how many photographs I have in total. Even if i took only one photo day, thats 365 pictures in the year. Thats without days out and special occasions where we all get snap happy! Of course these snaps are our precious memories caught on paper. There forever for us to look back on, and how amazing is it that we have the technology to take these photos and share with the world at the click of a button! What I dont have is pictures of me, as a mother, plenty of selfies, but not in my natural role. Why is it that us Mums are always in the background? We are like the foundations of a building, holding it all together but not seen. I'm making it my challenge to have more photos taken with me in. Of course I am usually always the one taking them, but I dont want my children to grow up and not have their childhood captured with me in it! So what my hair needs a wash, so what I'm carrying all that extra weight, so what I'm not wearing any make up. The next time we have a family day out I will ask that person behind me to take a family photo, and the next time someone takes a natural shot of me I wont ask for it to be deleted because of my make up free face. From here on I am going to embrace the camera and capture even more memories of my children AND their mummy.